I'm a New Jersey-raised & Los Angeles-based short film-, commercial-, and sketch comedy-W-D-E. My stuff has screened at The SAG Foundation’s Short Film Showcase, the NYC International Film Festival, and the Lone Star Film Festival.

I graduated cum laude from Boston University with bachelors' degrees in Film & Television and English. My films Deterrence and Good Taste were both Special Jury Mentions at the Boston Student Film Fest. My screenplay Vox Pop, about the conception of reality TV in the 1990s, was a semi-finalist in the 2017 Cannes Golden Plume Screenwriting Competition.

When I'm not knee-deep in tomfoolery (sorry, Tom) at Brova Comedy, I'm writing a feature at Zero Gravity Management (Ozark, The Accountant, The Cooler), based on a story I conceived with Cinema Thread's Hallivis Brothers.

Otherwise, I help maintain LA's premiere revival screening aggregate Revival Hub LA.
Otherwise otherwise, I'm eating behind you at Los Tacos.

Get to know me. Send me an email at: